About Us

All-dimensional online tourism marketing platform

MTravel is a rapidly growing e-commerce platform focusing on the leisure and entertainment goods and services. Founded in 2015, it started with the tourism cooperation with Malaysia and Thailand as the business base. After several years of unremitting efforts, MTravel has successfully expanded and covered several different countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. MTravel is a new e-commerce platform that advances with the times; today, MTravel platform covers a wide range of business projects, including the catering, transportation, accommodation (hotel and homestay), entertainment (theme park tickets and concert tickets), beauty, cruise, day tours and diversified travel packages. Our professional sales team always keeps sound cooperative relationship with merchants and strives for more preferential and more cost-effective products for customers.


Our Mission

Our team is convinced that every traveller has different requests when it comes to travelling. Therefore, we will strive to meet the requirements of every consumer by changing the old-fashioned travel pattern. Our team will invest and acquire high-potential tourism-related projects around the world, allowing consumers to enjoy their journey while making transactions more transparent.

What is Travel and Leisure Token?

Offer benefits and discounts for members in all aspect of travelling

The purpose of the Travel and Leisure Token (TLT) is to digitalised the global tourism industries through the blockchain technology, and to invest in major areas and resources of the tourism industry. By implementing the integration, tourism resources are gathered in one place, making it a global tourism industry chain, thereby increasing market supply chain transparency, building mutual trust and enhancing value. We adopt the "pattern of direct cost plus profit", a kind of blockchain technology, to provide the unified solution for the tourism consumers, and fix the problem existing in the online booking that the hidden fees are unavoidable and price is set by the merchant, so that your transaction can be carried out in a safe and compliant manner.

TLT eased consumer's trouble by merging all the available loyalty points programs. With TLT, you now enjoy one-stop services such as hotels, airline tickets, restaurants, tickets, etc., along with accumulating loyalty points.


TLT Features


The tourism industry is expected to generate more than 100 billion USD of revenue this year. TLT features significant advantages by being a leader of blockchain technology.

Revolutionary Technology

"Blockchain + tourism" will completely change the tourism market, and we are the pioneers for this revolution.

The Plan with Unlimited Potential

The goal of TLT is to make the global tourism industry totally decentralized and trustfree.

Intrinsic Utility and Liquidity

We will use the crowdfunding and acquire the world's major tourism industries, so that a number of enterprises and products will be directly owned by TLT, to provide more diversified quality services.

Transparent Transaction

With the five major features : no commission, no hidden fees, no over-booking, no priority ranking, and no dynamic pricing, TLT can directly connect the customer with the provider without the need to pay commission or hidden fees.


Members can choose to use the travel services on the TLT platform. Using the blockchain, we create an irrevocable security general ledger for all members' transactions, protecting the information from attacks, and establishing a reliable record.

Distribution Technology

Taking advantage of price advantages, absolute safety guarantees, and dissatisfaction with the status quo among tourists and travel service providers, we offer more attractive transactions to providers and customers using the latest technology.

Reward Mechanism

Members can use the TLT points to book or upgrade hotel rooms, flights or car rentals and other tourism-related services. The points-reward platform is independent and universal, marking a one-stop service platform for loyalty ponit.

Tourism Ecological Chain

Not only do we want to create a platform, but also establish an "ecological chain of tourism" based on the needs of consumers.
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  • Accommodation Industry :
    Partnering with majority of the popular hotels and homestays in the current market while ensuring competitive price is offered to our customers. Moving forward, we will be building more brands with these hotel groups by acquiring hotels that is promising in the market and we will continue to strengthen its development.
  • Food & Beverage Industry :
    Making use of its large clientele base we are able to ensure huge amount of customers during high tourist season. By having these advantages, we will be cooperating with famous star-rated restaurants and speciality restaurants to trigger the development of the catering industry. With the continuous growth of the catering industry, TLT will acquire specialty restaurants in the market along with star-rated restaurants.
  • Attractions Administration (Theme Parks) :
    To obtain higher discounts on ticket prices and to do a comparison across various regional attractions on the current market. By doing so, this will provide various pricing options for our customers. Simultaneously, TLT is planning to become an exclusive wholesaler of regional theme parks.
  • Transportation :
    Our company owns our own logistic company which includes commercial vehicles which can accommodate 10 or more passengers. Our services include Malaysian domestic delegations, sightseeing groups, airport shuttles, and car rentals. As TLT gradually develop, we will invest to diversify our services and to setup dedicated logistic in other countries to provide the services needed by local residents or tourists.
  • Cruises :
    We are committed to offer cruise facilities in various regions in Asia, subsequently improving our coverage on upcoming sea attractions. Through TLT, we can cooperate with regional companies to obtain preferential prices.
  • Flight tickets :
    To become the exclusive distributor of favoured airlines in various regions of the country. We are planning to provide diversified sales policies, formulating unique offers so it would be more transparent on sales prices, truly achieving value for money.
  • Travel packages :
    Through collaboration with well-known travel agencies, TLT will provide a diversify selection of quality travel packages. In the later period, we will use resources of our own companies to integrate with their travel packages. Providing high-end, mid-range or affordable travel packages to enable travellers travel in comfort.